What to expect when you order at Kind'Ice Paw?

We are dedicated to give you the best unboxing experience as possible! Every dog wearing Kind'Ice Paw have a special place in our pack, we love to give them happiness and bring peace to their owners by delivering high quality items. Before you go any further, we would like to thank you for the support and trust you have in our small business, and assure you that our first priority is the well-being of your furry friend.

1/ Our Eco-Friendly Packaging 🌳

 packaging eco friendly

It's very important for us to minimize our impact on the planet and develop our brand with keeping in mind the environmental issues while delivering the best packages as possible for our fur-stomers. 

All our orders are being packed in Biodegradable bags: 

- waterproof


- 100% Compostable

- made from corn and plant based material, that will fully decompose in 180 days when placed in a compost environment. It will leave only water, hummus and CO2, exactly what you need to feed a new generation of plants! 


2/ Your pup deserves this... 🍪


Every orders include a small bag of delicious & healthy treats. 

100% Natural, Grain free and Gluten free.


3/ We are not done yet... 🧸

This is probably our favorite part, we are including a Kind'Ice Paw toy for every orders above $35!

This toy has been 100% approved by our CEOs, Kinder & Ice, who got endless hours of playtime thanks to it. Super cute design, big enough to satisfy every dog breeds and squeaking just as needed! You do not want to miss that!